Alcohol List for a Wedding

I’m not much of a drinker myself, so I checked my list with a couple of friends/bartenders. We have one bottle of each unless otherwise indicated.

vodka (vanilla and regular)

gin (bombay sapphire)

rum (spiced – wanted dark, but they didn’t have any at costco)

scotch/whisky (dewar’s)



red wine (6 bottles Conn Creek)

white wine (4 bottles assorted)

champagne (1 bottle serves 6 – I just got 12 bottles of California champagne – just enough for everybody to toast)

beer (sierra nevada)



ginger ale (by natural brew)

root beer (by natural brew)




3 varieties of Hansen’s sodas for the kids

iced tea

water – lots and lots of water

And for the zillioneth time, somebody bothered to explain how to make a martini: swirl vermouth in a glass, pour it out, and pour in the gin – drop in an olive for a dirty one.

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