Wedding Preparations Full Throttle

Things are moving ahead very, very quickly. Sue, Joss, and Nabi Grace arrived last Thursday (pics of Nabi Grace meeting Giselle to be posted very shortly); Chad arrived Friday; his sister Corrina yesterday; and tomorrow comes my aunt (Emo) and cousin Douglas.

Although Sue, Joss, and the baby were here for several (wonderfully baby-filled) nights – now the house is pretty empty until Wednesday (when my parents arrive and some of the folks borrowing their time-share condo in Palm Springs move up to my house). Things would be less hectic if we weren’t also in the middle of trying to move out of this house and clean for a wedding brunch. (pics of the number of garbage bags we filled with yard debris also to be posted soon.)

Today we did the almost-last shopping for the wedding day – buying things like charcoal, lox, and ice chests; also things like Baby Bjorns and onesies. (It’s hot here – almost 100 degrees – but the National Park is cooler because of the high elevation – and the all the events are in the evening.)

Tomorrow is our meeting with our minister, Inge Davidson; and we also need to finish packing up the house. (The plan is still to try and get the rug professionally this week.) Tuesday is house cleaning day, and then Wednesday – well, Wednesday, the folks arrive and see the first house I have ever bought.
At this point, I’ve decided to take a cue from my future mother-in-law: whatever doesn’t get done by Wednesday, I’m letting go of.

Thursday, the Murdy clan heads out (for the day) to Laguna for the high school graduation of the only Murdy grandchild, and the Lees head into Los Angeles for hair styling and Korean food shopping. We are on parallel but separate courses, which are almost imperceptibly headed toward each other. We are destined to collide and combine next Friday night.

Writing about all this is making me tired. I had better get myself to bed.

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