The Photo Scavenger Hunt That Might Have Been

1. Bella and Dawkins with a kid going to a Harry Potter party on the New York subway. (The kid is dressed as Professor Lupin.)

2. Dawkins holding a sleeping baby.

  3. Bella and Dawkins in an art gallery cafe (P.S. 1 on Long Island).

   4. Dawkins riding the carousel on the Mall  in D.C.

   5. Bella sitting in a hand chair (like Buster’s).

   6. Bella kissing a baby in Brooklyn.

  7. Bella and Dawkins with Albert.

8. Bella and Dawkins walking towards some of the best shopping in NYC (Century 21).

9. Bella and Dawkins with their favorite work of art. (Bridget Walsh at the Torpedo Factory in old town Alexandria on view until August 6, 2007.)

10. Bella and Dawkins with my dad in his new golf cart.

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