Chad has declared a two hundred fifty dollar weight loss contest for the month of August. He proposed that the money should come out of the wedding gift money (lots!) and I suggested that the money should be used towards the house. This might mean a new (used) computer desk for Chad or a full set of knives for me.

We both agreed that if we tied that we would split the money – or agree upon how it is spent. This outcome is the most likely because Chad fairly proposed that the contest be proportional – that is, we win according to what percentage of our weight loss goal we have reached. Chad’s goal is to lose nine more pounds, while I only intend to lose six. If we both meet our goals – then we both win.

So far, so good. We are both on track. He has lost three pounds and I have lost two pounds in our first week. We are running five times a week (and learning our new ‘hood): 45 minutes 3x, and 1 hour twice.

The only tricky part is that the competitive spirit compels Chad to taunt me occasionally; apparently he likes to win.

What would I do with that extra two fifty?

1. clothes? (Normally I’m motivated, but without a job – all I really need are hang-out clothes at the moment)

2. Shesiedo cosmetics? (Maybe. But  I’m only low on sunscreen – and I like to buy a bunch at a time, so I can get their freebie promotional.)

3. Full-spectrum lamp?

4. Get my Jane Gyer print framed?

5. Put it aside for another ticket to Bangkok?

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