Things I Love About C.H.A.D.





One delightful aspect of my new husband is that Moe believes that Chad is Nathen‘s imaginary friend, and made a documentary to prove it.

Neither Chad or I have ever met Moe (who is Nathen‘s roommate in Eugene, Oregon), but we’re willing to, if the situation is right.

Moe sent down the homemade documentary on a DVD as a gift gesture for Chad‘s imaginary wedding. We played it a few times at our lox and bagel wedding luncheon. It got a few laughs.

I’m still chuckling about it.

[If you click on Chad’s name, it’ll take you to his 23 challenges blog he started this summer. Apparently somebody within the library system challenged all the employees to get up to speed on the latest web tools, by completing 23 challenges. Or something like that. Read about the 23 challenges, which you can do personally if you like, here.]

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