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My top three movies from the last six months (perhaps the last year – but I can't remember that far back…)

1. Grizzly Man (IMDb 8.1/10)- Yup, I know I can't believe it's at number one either, but remember when I wanted to see it in NYC and nobody would go with me?? Well, it turns out that when Entertainment Magazine ranked last year's movies by assessing how many "top 10" lists they had made – Grizzly Man was #1. So I'm not the only one.

2. Hustle and Flow (IMDb 7.6/10) – Oh, I just love to be surprised like this. This musician's coming-of age, told on the backdrop of prostitution and dreaming, is great. It is this year's Trainspotting for me.

3. The Matador (IMDb 7.1/10) – This is a very satisfying how-would-OO7-retire movie. Pierce Brosnan is immensely likable as a washed-up hitman.

I won't rank V for Vendatta (IMDb 8.2/10), but I would call it solid "B" entertainment. And Fun with Dick and Jane (IMDb 5.8/10), well, sometimes you just have to bite the dang bullet as a mom. I thought it was pretty much sucko, but my kid liked it. (Her current top three, for those who are interested: 1) Titanic 2)The Notebook 3) Mean Girls)

And we never miss an episode of Lost or My Name is Earl, and I don't even have a T.V.!

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