I am a gloater, I admit it

I won! I won! I won!

Remember the weight loss contest Chad proposed a month or so ago? Two hundred fifty dollars to whomever could reach his/her target weight by last Sunday? Chad needed to lose nine pounds to reach 150, and I needed to lose six pounds to get back to my end-of-college weight, 120 pounds. Chad had a handicap to make things fair, because men lose weight more easily than women. Men generally carry more body weight, which burns more calories. When Chad and I both run for an hour, he is burning one-third more calories than I am. That said, he doubled his handicap by starting to watch his weight several weeks before the contest began – but anyway, it was his proposal and I accepted.

So last Sunday I stepped on the scale before the run to see if there was any chance of winning. I was pretty sure that it was a lost cause. Especially since Chad had already let on that if he won he was planning on sharing the prize money anyway (!!) Once I learned that half the money was already mine, I had become pretty slack about staying within my 20 weight watcher’s points a day. Well, I mean I would eat a “zero” point soup all day (gazpacho), so that I could eat a bowl of ice cream and chocolate sauce later (1/2 cup ice cream = 7 points).

It was no surprise then, when I weighed in at 123.6 pounds. But Chad insisted that the real weigh-in would be after the run.

We ran. We spent most of the run discussing what we were going to do if neither of us reached our goal weight, which was the likely outcome. It was decided to continue the contest another month.

We got home.

I weighed in at 120.o on the nose. That is freaky, no? One little trip to the bathroom and an hour run reduces my weight by 3.6 pounds? Anyhoo, that was the first time since last summer that I have been at 120. Chad almost made his goal weight but not quite. Poor husband, he was pretty crushed over the whole affair.

Now to decide what to do with the money. (Can you hear me rubbing my hands together?) I could be a good girl and use it to count for the $80 I spent on clothes last week at Loehmann’s, and the rest to sign up for a 10-week yoga class.

Or I could pretend like I had already budgeted that $80 of clothes, and spend it all at The Container Store (never been there, but I think I’m going to love it.)

Or I could buy a nice floor lamp for the living room.

Or two round-trip tickets to San Francisco.

or surfing lessons.

more knives?

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