She Who Runs

My poor kid has blisters the size of two thumbnails, one on the arch of each foot. She also has smaller blisters on her third toe of each foot.

We leave the house every morning at 5:45 am, and I wake Bella up at 5:15; it feels like we use the bulk of that half hour rigging bandaids, paper tape, and mole skin on her feet. Then to make things worse, last night Bella said the dead skin was falling off one of her bigger blisters, so she pulled it completely off. Mistake. It started bleeding, and I administered Neo-sporin and put on a BIG neon-colored Nexcare Active Strip (She didn’t want me to use these band-aids; she’s saving them?!? Until what, until a toe falls off?) She went to bed whimpering.

This morning, her foot felt better, and the large blister on her other foot looked largely healed. I suggested we put on large active strip on that one as well, but she didn’t want to “waste a band-aid,” so we left it alone. We taped up the rest. Well, I hate to say told you so, but after practice she came limping to the car; the “healed” blister had returned, as pus-filled and large as ever. Poor, poor kid.

I’m wondering if I did Bella a disservice by letting her pick a pair of adidas running shoes. I’ve always worn asics or new balance – but I swear, Bella said that the adidas were the most comfortable. But I’ve always known adidas for tennis, maybe they make terrible running shoes? In any case, we have know been informed that all future running shoes must be approved by the coach – and best if purchased from one of the three following stores:

1. A Snail’s Pace Running Shop (24741 Alicia Pkwy; Mon-Fri: 10-7; Sat: 10-6; Sun: 12-5 (949) 707-1460; Honali Plaza, behind Car Wash) – stores in Fountain Valley, Laguna Hills, Brea, and Pasadena. The one closest to us is on Alicia, just south of the 5.

2. Fleet Feet (32411 Golden Lantern Suite H; Laguna Niguel, CA 92677; (949) 488-3356; Next to Pier 1 Imports) – a national chain (but always locally-owned) of general fitness supplies. There is one in Laguna Niguel, just next to the Laguna Hills Mall in the Oakbrook strip mall.

3. RoadRunner Sports – also a national chain. 40% off last year’s models until August 26, 2007!

Bella also has to keep a daily running log, in which she documents not only how far she’s run and where, but how she feels, and everything she’s eaten that day. This coach is hardcore. At least she runs with the girls, and her assistant coach bikes along at the back. My coaches never ran (or swam) with the team.

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