Donate Used Running Shoes

Blogging overload. Yesterday was a little too much time on the computer thinks I. My blogger’s forearm is acting up and I’m feeling verrry spacey.

I got a comment today on my post, “How to pick a Good Running Shoe,” from somebody named Alyssa at newbalancetampa. My finger was just about to bam! hit the spam button, when I decided to be responsible about spam-calling, and check her out first. Turns out that “alyssa” maintains a bone fide blog for the New Balance store in Tampa … and it’s not half bad! In fact, she’s doing exactly what I might be doing sometime in the near future. Gulp. It’s like saying I’m going to be a great telephone marketer – you know, add human-ness to a corporate entity.

In any case, I will post a link to her blog here, simply because she posts about where one can donate used running shoes. But if on principle you don’t want to visit her blog site, I will also post her two links:

Donate used running shoes to kids in Africa through shoes4africa (you can mail the shoes directly).

Or go through this Boulder, Colorado-based charity called One World Running.
One World Running is actually a Blogger blog documenting kids from different cross-country teams donating used sneaks. Pretty sweet.

I think we have at least five used pairs kicking around in the garage at this very moment.

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