Moving into Birthday Week

Things definitely do not get simpler as your kids get older, on the contrary; not only do they get infinitely more complex but much more expensive as well.

Witness Bella’s most recent birthday wish list. It is so extravagant that I was afraid to ask what kind of birthday cake she wanted – something flown in from a special patisserie in Paris maybe? Sheesh. And this is a kid who used to adore her homemade birthday cape with golden felt stars and a crown made of cardboard.

“hey guys here is my new bday wish list.

want but dont expect to get.

mac computer
large brown coach purse with C’s on it (fake)
large Juicy Courtre bag (fake)

sweaters (hollister ot abercrombie and fitch) or gift cars to either store
skinny jeens (hollister ot abercrombie and fitch) or gift cars to either store
Juicy Coutre shoes (at nordstoms) or nordstrom gift card
knitted ugg boots (at nordstoms) or nordstrom gift card
Tiffany’s ID bracelet (with just Bella or Bellasundra on it, NOT BRM)

Love you guys,


And furthermore I am strictly forbidden to make homemade devil’s food cupcakes for her track meet which happens to fall on her birthday: CUPCAKES MADE FROM A STORE-BOUGHT MIX ONLY MOM. You know, because otherwise it might leak out that she was homeschooled and *gasp* born at home.

Notice her shoes – they were tap shoes, and she wouldn’t take them off for weeks.

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