I'm Watching You

I don’t like to talk about it too much, but I do keep an eye on my stats, and I do notice which posts, pages, and links get hit most frequently.

And you know what? I started a new thing called Jeannie’s Stamp of Approval in my sidebar with links to particularly funny or interesting things and so far it’s a huge flop. Nobody is checking out anything there. I got the idea from dooce’s Links, Not Ads, which in all honesty, I didn’t discover until many months of regularly checking her site – so maybe I just need to be patient. Or I can just ASK YOU TO PLEASE CHECK IT OUT ONCE.
The idea is to have another section of my site where information is presented at a different rhythm and in a different way to add texture to the site. Most times, I link you to noteworthy youtube clips or a site you might find interesting. I only intend to keep 4-5 links there at once, moving older links into an archive as I add new links on top.

Well, I am about to move one of my all-time favorite clips off the sidebar and into archives, but I’m distressed because I think so few of you have seen it. It’s a wonderful 3-min clip of a somebody doing a jaw-dropping shadow play to Louis Armstrong’s “It’s a Beautiful World.” It’s a good one to share with the kids in the house. I think I will keep it up for another week, because I want you to see it! Right now it’s #8.

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