I uploaded some photos of artwork using traditional yarn and thread crafts to my photobucket account only to get to my account today to find this little notice:

It took me a minute to realize that it had been an needlepointed image of a reclining nude man by Maria Eugenia Pineres called Red Crosses (2004), and yes, you could see his penis. If I can work it out to show the image with his penis covered, I’ll do that. The original artwork is smaller than a sheet of paper and his penis had to be less than a centimeter… In any case, you can view other works by Pineres at her gallery”s website, DCKT Contemporary or by clicking on the violation message. That’s really sticking it to the man.

Ah well. So on to the less “offensive” images (sheesh, I remember working in a cappuccino bar where people were honestly offended by a replica of Michelangelo’s David – come on people!)

This work by Miyoshi Barosh was a large wall hanging stitched together from pieces of found and gifted afghans, plus lots of pom poms. I love the gi-normous acrylic yarn tassles and the way Barosh puts together traditional (read: conservative) craft in an eye-popping psychedelic way. Besides which, she’s taking a craft form that relies heavily on color and colors next to colors and explodes those quiet three shades of blue. Barosh is represented by Seminal Projects in San Diego.

Digital embroidery on linen by Angelo Filomeno.

The foam wall at John Connelly Presents by Ara Peterson.

Hand cut felt at Art Positions (didn’t write anything down!).

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