Import/Export Closed

I’ve discovered what I will be bringing back from Thailand to the States: tons of second-hand baby clothes, diapers, diaper covers, and maternity clothes. Between that and my trip to the Bangkok Night Bazaar last night, my suitcase is officially full (unless of course I can find a fake Tiffany’s necklace with a silver starfish for Bella – apparently she’s past the heart stage now).

Despite my resolutions not to shop for souvenirs for every person I know, I did at least want to bring home a something or two for my husband and kid – and then once I got started, I went ahead and bought all my February birthday gifts – and in the process I think I might have discovered the best shopping in Bangkok.

That’s right, the best shopping in Bangkok and I do not say that lightly. MBK has air-con and six floors but it is geared towards tourists and it is difficult to bargain. Chatachuk Market can be outrageously cheap and has everything under the sun, but you always have to brave the sweltering heat and packed crowds. Suan Lum, Bangkok’s Night Bazaar, has the coolness of the evening and the low prices of a massive outdoor market. An additional plus: it is a tiny bit more upscale than Chatachuk, so it’s easier to find high-quality fake Coach purses for instance, and there is an emphasis on art and crafts.

I love the night bazaar. And I love all the stuff I bought there too.

Whoops, need to finish getting packed for the taxi shuttle to the beach!

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