I guess fourth graders just like ball games that involve lots of rules. When Bella entered public school for the first time in fourth grade at Friendly Hills Elementary she was immediately obsessed with this strange game at recess called “Wallball” which involved a rubber ball and concrete wall in the middle of the playground.

Kids would line up to have a turn and there were all sorts of strange rules for playing: for instance, if you wanted to be partners with somebody, you had to seal the deal with a high five.

All I know is that when I witnessed it as a substitute teacher, kids would get so worked up that they come to me crying and arguing about such and such rule. And that there was a never-ending line at all four walls at recess and lunch.

And then yesterday, Bella told me that at over at her friend’s house that they had met some fourth graders. And that they were playing a game called “Buttball,” involving a tennis ball and a wall, and again lots of strange rules.

For instance, if you miss the ball bouncing back at you, you have to stand against the wall and your opponent hurls the ball at your butt. You can choose a soft throw from close up or a hard throw from further away.

Which would you choose? Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? About the development of the human mind?

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