Avert Your Eyes

I didn’t have a very good night of sleep last night, what with the dreams of me trying to get over somebody’s chicken wire fence and running into the returning fishermen whose yard we were trespassing. The fishermen turned out to be friendly and came out of the house to throw us hunks of their catch: still-flexing sea lion flippers and octopus tentacles.

I like eating octopus, but the way the rope-y tentacles were still flexing in Sue’s arms made you think that the octopus wasn’t properly killed before it lost its limbs – ditto for the sea lion. Chad found a bag hanging from the wall, and triumphantly pulled out a large crab, “This is be perfect for the broth!” he cried out.

Where did this nightmare come from? Because from the way my stomach was clenched when I awoke, it was certainly a nightmare – from a lot of things, but especially from this disturbing question I had the other night when a friend somehow brought up late term abortions in conversation: do they kill the fetus with a lethal injection before starting the d & c?

I won’t go any further with that line of thought.

See this is why I avoid watching horror movies – it’s not because the movies are so scary, but because my mind is scarier and it doesn’t need gruesome jumping off points. I used to torture my younger sister not by what I did to her, but what I told her I would do to her.

In any case, today is a day off and a good time to fill my mind with some fresh thoughts. I’m grabbing up Bella and two of her friends and we’re headed into LA to see the Murakami exhibit at MoCA (Geffen). And of course the compromise was that we would check out the nearby downtown fashion district for fake designer purses afterwards. Because how else would I drag three teenagers out for a day of art?

We had tried to pull together a trip to Joshua Tree, but that didn’t pan out. A day trip to LA on a Friday is sufficiently crazy to take my mind off things, I think.

Other elements of my dream may have come from the shark fin soup window display I saw in Bangkok near the Chit Lom BTS. It’s two rows of shark fins.

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