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potty post

Intrigued by a mention of a show called “Weeds” in blueheliotrope’s blog, I did a quick search in google and came up with an article about a show called “Who’s Afraid of San Francisco?” at the Frey Norris Gallery and … Continue reading

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Lost is almost here!

Lost season premier on Wednesday. I’m scoping for a place where I can watch it. It’s starting late in the t.v. season because they are going to run it straight through for a number of weeks, take a break, and … Continue reading

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This is a little passe national conversation, but I read about it in the NYTimes recently and wanted to check it out. Looks like a youtube person with the handle lonelygirl15 took the nation by storm and then was found … Continue reading

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Gilmore remedy

Just in case anybody was worrying: Bella slunk out of her room, I made chicken soup, and we watched three episodes of Gilmore Girls (including Bella’s all-time favorite episode, “They Shoot Gilmore, Don’t They?”). Peace for the time being.

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gilmore girl junkie

How can you resist, Hey mom if we start watching right now we can watch a lot more episodes than we did last night! Almost done with the first season…

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I am not like Lorelei

Just finished three straight episodes of Gilmore Girls. I resented it at first – just don’t like how the single mom stereotypes into being her daughter’s best friend and the “cool mom,” but now as we near the end of … Continue reading

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more stuff I watch

My top three movies from the last six months (perhaps the last year – but I can't remember that far back…) 1. Grizzly Man (IMDb 8.1/10)- Yup, I know I can't believe it's at number one either, but remember when … Continue reading

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