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Nostalgia for my alma maters

Hmm, that may not seem correct, but a perfunctory google check says, yes indeed, that “alma maters” is the plural for “alma mater.” As I cleaned up my email inbox yesterday I finally watched a youtube video my brother, Songbae, … Continue reading

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Hode de door!

This one is funny. I thieved it from and I justify this thievery because people have actually told me that they never go to read ??? I think she’s funny and she usually makes me laugh. Also I … Continue reading

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Today I get to walk through our new place and get the keys. TODAY! Even though we’ve been packing all month – we’re still not quite finished and I can see that starting today things are going to kick up … Continue reading

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A Retraction and Apology

I’ve been duped! Earlier this month I posted a youtube video of popcorn being popped by cellphones. According to this website,  this website, and this website, the whole thing is a hoax. It turns out that it is just another … Continue reading

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Are you still not using a headset?!

Kinda makes you reconsider how much time you spend holding your cell phone next to your head. Also makes me want to ask people on their cell phones to stay ten feet away from Christian! [youtube=]

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Medieval Helpdesk

This is for anybody who has ever helped anybody else learn an apparently simple task. It made Chad laugh so hard that he choked, but then again he teaches a weekly beginner’s computer class where he routinely has to answer … Continue reading

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How'd he do that?!

Watch a man be cut in half, stapled back together, and then get back up dancing. No blood involved – but may upset younger children. It’ll only take 1:20 minutes of your time. (Thanks for sharing this one, Al!) [youtube=]

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The jetlag sabotaged my sleep today; I unwittingly fell asleep for three hours on the sofa and now I’m not tired. Bella and I did get to watch the first half of a fun movie (on videotape! thanks Karen – … Continue reading

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Kids in the FLOW


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Here It Goes Again Music Video

Very entertaining choreography on exercise machines.  Chad says this video has supposedly had over 12 million hits. [youtube=]

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