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Spider Cupcakes

As Bella’s birthday is November 1st, she pretty much gets a Halloween-themed birthday cake every single year. This year she got spider cupcakes delivered to her sushi dinner in Laguna Beach. They were a hit. I made the devil’s food … Continue reading

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Chocolate Sauce a la Joss

I thought I had posted this recipe long ago – but I guess I haven’t. This sauce is a must for ice cream lovers and only takes five ingredients and five minutes to make from scratch. The story goes that … Continue reading

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nutrition for runners

Chad’s parents are convinced that Chad and I are getting sick more frequently this winter because we lost too much weight at once. Chad’s lost about thirty pounds and I lost about fifteen pounds over a period of three months … Continue reading

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dark chocolate or white tea

If I had money to invest, I might invest in dark chocolate or white tea. Apparently the X-treme sports mentality has infiltrated my life – the darker the chocolate the better, the whiter the tea the better – where will … Continue reading

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Baker's ONE BOWL Brownies

I feel like somebody is going to take me down if I don’t post this recipe tonight. Maybe it’s just that we’re only halfway through the school year and we all need chocolate. I’ve made three batches over the course … Continue reading

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