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We call him King of the Drool People

The poor guy is being struck by fits of teething misery. In fact, the teething pain is at times radically changing Christian’s behavior: in the last three days he has adamantly refused to nurse three times when he’s been upset … Continue reading

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Perfection City

At the last La Leche League meeting, mothers started animatedly discussing nursing bras. Medela and Bravado quickly emerged as favorites -  one woman also loved the nursing bras from Elle McPherson. I looked around the room and wondered how all … Continue reading

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Giddy with Power

As I mentioned in a previous post, Bella and her friend from out of town (yes, Dawkins) got in a lot of trouble for sneaking out (to go swimming) at 2 am last Wednesday. Well, I had a dilemma because … Continue reading

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Friend Hunting

Have you heard of Meetup? I read an article about them in the LA Times weekend magazine a few months ago – but it was in context of singles meeting other singles, so I clipped the article and sent it … Continue reading

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Of course I make it up as I go along…

Me: Bella, you’re grounded for another day – no, make that TWO DAYS. And that includes NO PHONE! Bella: MOM! You just make it up as you go along! M: Of course I make it up as I go along! … Continue reading

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Proud Mama

Just in case I’ve been complaining about Bella and not giving her enough kudos I wanted to take a minute and applaud her. The night before her last two track meets she has gone to bed early with her lunch … Continue reading

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La Leche League in South OC

Fifteen years ago while I was pregnant with Bella, I started attending local La Leche League meetings in Joshua Tree to meet other breastfeeding moms. I later became so enthusiastic about breastfeeding that I became a La Leche League leader … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished

I spent a bit of time in Bangkok hunting for a very specific knock-off purse that Bella wanted but never really came close. That is, she wanted a large slouchy Coach purse and I brought her schoolgirl-style Louis Vuitton bookbag. … Continue reading

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a smile

I attended Bella’s cross country awards ceremony tonight. The coach said a little something about each girl as she stepped up on the stage, sometimes based on an informal survey the girls had filled out. Bella’s inspiration for running? She … Continue reading

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Hurray for Stay-at-Home Moms

Hmm, a post at my friend’s blog shoved a little soapbox under my feet. She’s a stay-at-home mom and was ranting a bit about only having been away from her kids for four days in the past four years. She … Continue reading

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