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11 spring street

If I were in New York City this week, I would stroll by 11 Spring Street. It is an old building that happens to be one the grafitti art world’s lodestars and it is about to be renovated into upscale … Continue reading

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i posted a pic of it first

Look what arrived in my email box today: an eflux ad for Liz Larner’s 2001 on the SE corner of Central Park, also put on by public art fund. Go to the site here if you want to read more. … Continue reading

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a job for joe

Joe – this is a project I don’t think I will get to New York to see and I was wondering if you would go and tell me about it. It is a public art work only until January 14, … Continue reading

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liz larner in NYC

At the SE corner of Central Park. I was impressed at how good it looked outside because I know it was built for that front room at MOCA.

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Bella says it’s really hard not to overlisten to other people’s conversations. It’s especially hard in NYC – where it seemed that after every dinner we ate out, we would later compare the conversations we had overheard during the meal. … Continue reading

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washington D.C. Day 3

Bella has pronounced that she vastly prefers trains to buses and planes. We then spent some time reminiscing about our last Chinatown bus to D.C., which was cheap ($20 vs $80 by train), but exceedingly smelly. So the train ride … Continue reading

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more babies – NYC Day 2

Another satisfying day in the city. Bella’s greatest interest was getting to the Abercrombie and Fitch store on Fifth Avenue, so we made a deal to go to the Jewish Museum first for the Masters of American Comics exhibit. All … Continue reading

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lotsa babies – NYC day Part I

Our first day in the city was very full of art, pizza, and Korean food, and hence very perfect. Chad and I first walked from 120th and Amsterdam to the Met on 82nd and Fifth. As we are calorie-burning, exercise-loving … Continue reading

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autumn in the city

As I have long suspected, a Swedish memory mattress on a solid wood base (or floor) makes for an incredible night of sleep. I have a special savings account (a hidden stash of $100 bills) just for a new mattress… … Continue reading

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November Vogue

A moment of thesis-related poignancy from Cate Blanchett: “Why do so many people seek stardom as its own end? I have a theory about the obsession with celebrity that seems to have consumed so much of our world: Don’t you … Continue reading

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