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roast chicken

I finally figured out how to make roast chicken in my stoneware! 1. I roasted the chicken alone and uncovered for 20 minutes (sounds sad). 2. While the chicken was tanning, I filled the stone lid with water and let … Continue reading

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36 hours in Montreal

It’s just a Canada kind of day. The NYTimes picked Montreal to do their 36 hours write-up this weekend. sniff. I don’t even recognize the names of places anymore, except for Fairmount Bagels, because  I used to live right around … Continue reading

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do you know who the prime minister of canada is?

Nice little article by Donella Meadows (adjunct faculty in Environmental Studies at Dartmouth) about what Americans know about Canadians and vice versa. Not current, but makes its point. Also, did you know that Canada is our largest supplier of crude … Continue reading

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Hirshhorn podcasts

Just catching up on a bit of Janet Cardiff research and came upon the Hirshhorn Museum’s free podcast archive. It’s great way to hear artists’ speak about their own work – and most of the lectures are podcasted as well. … Continue reading

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some early morning procrastination

Hardy har har. I found this site in my McGill News, although the comic in there was funnier: the first three square are the same guy doing a victory dance, and the last square is his girlfriend saying “OK, so … Continue reading

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