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Laguna Beach

As Chad’s niece is actually a senior at Laguna Beach High School this year, we keep tabs on all the furor over the television show, Laguna Beach (all seven of the main “characters” in the show attend that same high … Continue reading

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P.S. The Prestige and Borat Previews

Ever since I wrote it, my The Prestige post is getting the most hits. I don’t know why. Anyway, I thought I’d throw in a couple links to the previews to sweeten the deal. Here is a link to the … Continue reading

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November Vogue

A moment of thesis-related poignancy from Cate Blanchett: “Why do so many people seek stardom as its own end? I have a theory about the obsession with celebrity that seems to have consumed so much of our world: Don’t you … Continue reading

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Kate is the weak link

Man, what a night for Lost. Two lives just hanging on a thread until February?! When are we getting back to this foot?

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