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web 2.0

This is me bumbling about the computer, too congested to focus on any one thing in particular. I’ve only just heard about this concept or style or philosophy called Web 2.0. Apparently the key word is TRANSPARENCY. That is, you … Continue reading

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Bella says it’s really hard not to overlisten to other people’s conversations. It’s especially hard in NYC – where it seemed that after every dinner we ate out, we would later compare the conversations we had overheard during the meal. … Continue reading

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when did the anti-smokers get so strong?

Look at the intense informational ads on this bag of tobacco my sister brought me. I thought these ads would please Chad, but he only offered that it might as well say, “I’m an asshole.” Needless to say, I don’t … Continue reading

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book club closet

This may be the month, the actual month that I come out of the book club closet. This will be the fourth month I have read the book club selection without having met any of the book club’s members, although … Continue reading

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