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driving force

Well, since I’ve out and admitted that I am reading The Purpose Driven Life at my father’s request, what’s left but to blog about it? The thing is, and I guess my dad knows it, is that if you read … Continue reading

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Thanks Laura for sharing this blog, metrodad, with me. He’s sharp and funny and writes about being a dad in New York City – plus he’s Korean-American and 38, and once lived in Bethesda. I feel like our dads might … Continue reading

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attack of the zombie computers

Read all about it here. No joke, this NYTimes article is called, “Attack of the Zombie Computers is Growing Threat,” and is all about botnets and the spam they generate. Just another reason to go Mac.

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Pan's Labyrinth

Pan’s Labyrinth is well described by its genre categories on imdb (8.4/10.0): Drama, Horror, Fantasy, Thriller, War… El Laberinto del Fauno is all of these things in equal portion. I found myself wishing that it weren’t so violent, so that … Continue reading

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