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Birthday Meal

I am happy to report that we are able to have incredibly decadent meals and still stay within our grocery budget. For Chad’s birthday (I never really finished that post…) I made Basil Stuffed Sea Scallops and Gai Lan (Chinese … Continue reading

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137 Words on Jesse Bercowetz

Having heard that the editor of ArtScene received three capsules on the Bercowetz show at The Happy Lion, I think it’s unlikely that I will get the full $30 for my capsule. I’ll probably get the $20 for a combined … Continue reading

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Train Trip to LA

When Chad told me that seventeen people (25 now) had been killed in a train crash in Pasadena Friday night, we almost pulled the plug on our train-to-LA adventure for Saturday; but then using the logic that lightening doesn’t hit … Continue reading

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Chad's Birthday Week

Alpacca – shaved, I guess because of the heat. We’re just finishing up Chad’s birthday week – although it might last through the weekend, since we are taking the train up into LA tomorrow for art, French dip at Phillipe’s, … Continue reading

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Very clean. Very fast. Very easy.

I know I often gush about new books I’ve found – but be advised (that yes! I’m enthusiastic!) that it’s because I don’t bother much with critiquing books that I didn’t like. Who has the time? and besides, by the … Continue reading

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Did you ever torture a spider?

I’d like to say I haven’t, but I can’t be a hundred percent positive that I never pulled a leg off a daddy-long legs. But I definitely see the appeal in playing with a spider; as an oldest sibling I … Continue reading

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Mr Jolly

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An Update on Greasing the Shoehorn

So yesterday, after pumping myself up with that post about cleaning out my closet, I went and did it. I through all the shirts, pants, skirts, and dresses in my closet and asked myself, “Do I love it? Does it … Continue reading

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With Some Elbow Grease and a Shoehorn

Boy, it is sure harder to move into a smaller place than to move into a larger one. From Joshua Tree, we moved from 1,100 square feet (just me and Bella) to 1,800 square feet (me, Bella, Chad, and his … Continue reading

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I Heart Edward

Okay, not really. My favorite character is actually Alice, but you’re not going to see t-shirts with I heart Alice all over town… But considering that I’ve just finished reading Breaking Dawn, the fourth book of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight saga, … Continue reading

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