holding onto a playlist in itunes

Since my boyfriend basically handles all the music stuff, I rarely have to peek into my itunes, but I learned a handy tip this weekend that I want to share. Besides, I have been cutting and pasting from old thesis drafts to new thesis drafts for over an hour and my head is swimming. I need a blog break. (It’s like a cigarette break – necessary and always at the back of your mind.)

Btw Tiff – we are completely dependent on our shuffle, mini, nano and 30-gig ipod. (I know it seems extreme, but three of those were gifts.) For music and for books on tape. On the other hand, Mac is likely to release an updated nano (4 gigs) for Christmas, so wait if you are in the market for a small thing. Although honestly, the shuffle (1 gig) is perfect for running. It’s more shock-resistant, because it uses a different technology; it’s really just a glorified flash drive. You just don’t have much maneuverability on the thing, ie, it’s best if you just want to play something all the way through and not pick and choose. I use it for 40 min clips of a radio adaptation of the BBC Red Dwarf sitcom. Great for runs.

My mini (4 gigs) is cute – but highly irritating in that I am constantly juggling books on tape and my Rolling Stone Magazine’s playlist (top 500 songs of all time) because it can’t hold it all. So I load 3 discs of The Two Towers at a time. I will inherit Chad’s 30-gig when I get him a new one at some point in the future.

Which brings me to the regular ipod. Rumor has it (and has had it for some time) that Mac is about to bust out with a whole new ipod where the scrolling wheel will be incorporated into the screen. It was supposably going to be launched last May, but now has been put off indefinitely. We are going to wait until that thing comes out before making a move. Honestly, ipods go a year before they feel like a dinosaur, so I would recommend buying right after a new model comes out. It has to be coming soon.

I’ll get to the playlist another time then. (Here is the post explaining how to hold onto your playlist in iTunes.)
This is what happens in my thesis too. I start in one place and end up somewhere unexpected.

I swear I know how to hold onto a playlist – but I have to cut and paste another chapter first.

[here’s a shortcut from Chad: Highlight the playlist, then right-click. one of the options is export playlist. Click that option and choose a location. Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy. ]

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