ipod info update

patent-ipod-touch17.gifThe actual patent for the new touch-screen ipod is posted at this site. And the new nano has twice as much storage and a tougher case.

And on imdb.com:

Wal-Mart, which claims that its stores account for 40 percent of all DVD’s sold in the U.S., has been using its clout to dissuade Hollywood’s major studios from cooperating with Apple’s iTunes Music Store, which plans to sell them online. According to Business Week Wal-Mart has sent executives to Hollywood in hopes of blocking any deal between Apple and the studios. Wal-Mart has denied the report. Apple is expected to announce a movie download service within the next two weeks, at about the same time that it is expected to unveil a new, wider-screen video iPod. New movies are expected to go for $14.99; older ones, for $9.99. So far, however, Apple has reportedly only signed up one studio, Disney, where Apple chairman Steve Jobs is the company’s largest shareholder.

and more clues (sorry, I lost the source):
Apple May Add Movies to iTunes Store Next Week

Techie blogs and other websites spread the word Monday that Apple CEO Steve Jobs is expected to announce on Sept. 12 that Apple’s iTunes Music Store will begin selling a feature film download service, permitting users to pay $9.99 for a movie that can be viewed on a new wider-screen iPod or, via a new wireless video streaming device, on a television set. Several websites indicated that Apple is still testing its next-generation video iPods and “Airport Express” and that it may be several weeks or even months before they are ready to hit the market.

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