San Diego Zoo

Last year Chad and I received annual passes to the San Diego zoo as gifts from his parents.

Passes are great gifts.

We’ve already gone three times – and enjoyed ourselves tremendously each visit. The last time, Bella even came with her friend. And because we have passes, we don’t feel the need to exhaust ourselves and explore every nook and cranny during a a visit. We pack sandwiches, arrive at opening, and then leave before the afternoon traffic starts.

Here are some pics from our visit last month. Unfortunately, Christian came down with a 24-hour fever that evening and so he looks a little spacey in the pics.

Admission to the Safari Park is part of our annual pass, so we’ll do that one next time.

Zebras 1. Zebras are so photogenic.

Zebras 2.

Zebras 3.

Mr. Peacock gave us a show, which I didn't catch on film.

Each time we visit, Christian gets into a different animal. This time it was the hippopotamus.


They were definitely cuddling.

The gorillas are always a hit. Frank, the baby, is growing up fast.

The alpha chimp.

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