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[The strike lasted three days. Here is an article at the oc register recapping what happened and what was tentatively resolved.]

The teachers’ union of Capo Unified has officially announced a teacher strike starting tomorrow.

An email from the principal tells me what my child will be taught should she choose to attend school tomorrow:

“We will have college educated substitutes that have passed the California requirements to substitute in public schools.  Many have asked what will students be learn. As stated earlier – life skills. More specifically, students will learn three separate things that will be useful for a lifetime. They will:
1.      Determine their personality type through the Keirsey Temperament Sorter and learn about the strengths and weaknesses of their personality. They will discuss which personalities they work well with and what professions may be a great fit. Many of you may have taken such an assessment in your career.
2.      There will be a personal finance lesson on steps to buying new and used cars. (Hopefully with their own money.)
3.      Students will learn about the process of personal self image and the role that microbes play in their everyday lives. Foodborne illness, the threat to food safety, and adolescent slowdown will be reviewed.
These assignments are meant to be enriching exercises for our students.”

Bella will be at home studying for her three AP tests, which are unfortunately scheduled to take place in two weeks time.

Good news: Bella got a 100% on her last pre-Calc test! That brings her one B up to an A – finally! Woo-hoo! GO BELLA!

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