A Little Nostalgia for Yucca Valley

A music video set in my old town sent by an old teaching pal (thanks Candace!)
The lyrics are great:
Cactus wren on a Joshua tree, fill up your cup with pints of glee. Fire up the band and the old shotgun, in the hills of Yucca Valley. Meet you up at Machris Park, past Veffhaus, little fore dark. Catching air at Devils Playground in the hills of Yucca Valley.

Tortoise on the move over hot black top. Summer bon fires at Giant Rock.Shooting at cans with honest Jay Bolt in the hills of Yucca Valley. Yucca, cholla, creosote, top of the ridge theres a mountain goat. Chopper over head from Twentynine Palms in the hills of Yucca Valley.

Green Mojave and a diamondback, a family of quail and coyote trap. Moonshine gin form a juniper in the hills of Yucca Valley.Desert rat till the day I die, lie me down under western sky. I cant get away even though Ive from the hills of Yucca Valley.
The theme song to that city along highway 62 in the mojave high desert. Yucca Valley. Hometown to infamous Poland Brothers. Directed by Jimmy Salazar. Shot in Yucca Valley, CA December 2008.
Invisible Mass Records ©2009

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