Rockin’ Dudes

Sorry for the pain that the post on Christian’s accident may have caused you. I didn’t consider the alarm I would cause in other people’s minds in the midst of my own worry.

Thank you for all the concerned emails and phone calls!

Christian is doing great. Back to normal except that he has stitches and a bandage on his forehead. And that both Chad and I shuddered when Christian did his characteristic leap off the third concrete step on our outside staircase yesterday.

The stitches come out next Monday. While it’s not supposed to hurt, I can imagine that Christian will be very unhappy to be in a doctor’s office again so soon. It’s been suggested that I save him the trauma and just take them out myself while he’s sleeping. I’m still trying to convince Chad of the logic in that one.

To put a more light-hearted image in your mind…

Here’s an adorable youtube video that was sent to me by both my sister and brother in the same week. It’s of a little guy (I’m guessing Korean) playing the ukulele. He doesn’t know the words but he sure rocks the song anyway! There are more of him where that came from, and all are pretty entertaining.

Speaking of which, Chad and I talked about getting a ukulele for Christian for his birthday; it’s been recommended as an easy first instrument and they’re available at Guitar Center for $40. I don’t think we’d mentioned our plans to anybody, but as synchronicity so happens, we just got an email from Gampi that he’s getting a new ukulele and that he’d like to pass his old one on to Christian. Sweet!


And here’s another of Christian (pre-head accident) jammin’ on his dad’s old guitar neck.

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