May Songs

These are just the four seasonal songs and handplays I change out every month.

i am the earth and the earth is me,

i am right where i am supposed to be ,

i am loving and loved, secure and calm,

i am the words of nature’s song

by Caroline Colesworthy


Five Little Peas

Five little peas in a pea pod, pressed

One grew, two grew, and so did all the rest.

They grew and grew and would not stop.

Until one day, the pod went POP!


Tree song

Trees have roots, a trunk, and a crown.

The trunk goes up and the roots grow down.

The roots go down and spread around,

And hold the tree firmly in the ground.



Shepherd’s Hey

I can whistle, I can sing, (Take 7 steps forward, stop)

I can do most anything! (Clap 7 times)

I can dance and I can play, (Take 7 steps backward, stop)

I can do the shepherd’s hey! (Clap 7 times)

shepherd’s hey (3 claps to the right of the body and up)

shepherd’s hey (3 claps to the left of the body and up)

I can (clap above right leg, clap under right leg,)

do the (clap above left leg, clap under left leg)

shep (clap front of body)

herd’s (clap back of body)

hey! (clap above body)


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