web 2.0

This is me bumbling about the computer, too congested to focus on any one thing in particular.

I’ve only just heard about this concept or style or philosophy called Web 2.0. Apparently the key word is TRANSPARENCY. That is, you reveal who you are and your intentions most all the time. For instance, on dooce.com she posts a picture of herself and says, I am Heather B. Armstrong. This is my website. No hiding behind cyber-identities. On the other hand, in an article called “Making a dot name for yourself,” John sent me from modernlifeisrubbish.co.uk, Web 2.0 sounds like a progressive online community and has to to with ultra-connectivity via links, images, social networking sites, etc. I’m still figuring it all out.

I checked out the personal profile of the guy who wrote the post and I was impressed. He knows how to make his profile extremely readable and easy to navigate. The top part of his page looks like this (click on it to see the rest):

(I finally remembered how to take a picture of my screen: command-shift-3)

While reading the latest post at dooce.com (today’s was excellent), I clicked through to another blog I like by Maggie Mason, called Mighty Girl.

Here’s the wikipedia skinny on web 2.0. Apparently everybody complains about it being ill-defined. I’m not the only one.

This mind map of Web 2.0 was created by Markus Angermeier on November 11, 2005 (and lifted from wikipedia…)

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