How to Transfer Your RAZR Pics to Your Mac

As the RAZR revolution has peaked, I’ve found that I’ve given instructions on how to transfer pics from phone to computer via bluetooth a number of times. In case you need them, here they are in written form.

To begin with, you need a phone and a computer with bluetooth capability; all RAZR’s and most new Macs fall into this category. On a Mac look for the bluetooth icon in the top right corner of your desktop or in your applications folder.

First set up your computer: When you click on the bluetooth icon, click “Browse Device…” in the drop down menu. This will bring up a small new window called “Browse Files.” Find the “Search” button.

Now get your phone ready: Go to Settings -> Connection -> Bluetooth Link -> Setup -> Find Me. (Power needs to be ON and you can take this opportunity to name your phone, otherwise it will show up on the computer as generic Motorola Phone, which can get confusing if you have several phones in the house and only one computer capable of bluetooth.)

Now this is the tricky bit: When you select Find Me on the phone, you have only 30 seconds to hit “Search” on the computer. They need to be running simultaneously: computer seeking and phone receiving.

If you are doing this for the first time, you will get a one-time prompt for the phone: Bond with device? Select Yes.


Password? All the motorola bluetooths I’ve used have had the same password: 00000

The computer will also ask for the same password: 00000

Now you should see your phone in that small “Browse Files” window. Select it and click “Browse.”

Another small window will come up called “Browsing…” You should see three folders: audio, picture, video. Select the picture folder. After a moment all your picture files will appear. Highlight all the pictures (or just the ones you want) and click the “Get…” button. Choose a destination for your pics and click the “Save” button.

All done. Once you have established the initial bonding, it’s much simpler the next time: On your computer, just head straight to the “Browsing Files…” window, highlight your phone, and select “Browse” (not “Search” like you did the first time). Remember, your phone needs to be Find Me mode at the same time.

*Final note, your phone can only be “bonded” to one device at a time – so turn off your bluetooth earpiece before starting the bonding process with the computer (or else the earphone gets jealous and won’t let you bond with another device).

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