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Things I Love About Chad

  He’s a sweet kisser. He’s super-cuddly and whispers things to me. He takes good care of me. He’s so responsible that everybody around him trusts him. If he says something, he means it. He knows what he wants. He … Continue reading

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Things I Love About C.H.A.D.

Climb- Hardened Attack Droid One delightful aspect of my new husband is that Moe believes that Chad is Nathen‘s imaginary friend, and made a documentary to prove it. Neither Chad or I have ever met Moe (who is Nathen‘s roommate … Continue reading

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No Hurry

I used to really love getting mix tapes (and CD’s) from friends. Today’s equivalent of a mix tape is a playlist. My honey made me a playlist to listen to while I was away from him. Just ten songs long … Continue reading

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Chad's latest playlist

“Plastic Passion”    Cure    Boys Don’t Cry    1980 “Mannequin”    Wire    Pink Flag    1977 “Sweetheart Contract”    Magazine    The Correct Use Of Soap    1980 “No Dark Things”    Echo & The Bunnymen    Heaven Up Here    1981 “Eye Of The Lens” … Continue reading

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Cansei De Ser Sexy

Chad got six new albums (including Bloc Party’s Weekend in the City) this week. The new favorite song (not album) about the house is by a Brazilian band called Cansei De Ser Sexy. Talk about ethnic ambiguity. It also made … Continue reading

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