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I am a gloater, I admit it

I won! I won! I won! Remember the weight loss contest Chad proposed a month or so ago? Two hundred fifty dollars to whomever could reach his/her target weight by last Sunday? Chad needed to lose nine pounds to reach … Continue reading

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More on Credit Cards

As I said in my notes from the last Money Talk, the best part of meeting monthly is actually happening between each meeting; that is, each month, different women in the group are taking concrete steps towards managing their finances. … Continue reading

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Money Talk #2 – Credit Cards

We had our second official Money Talk meeting last week, and it was satisfyingly productive. Every person there (and some that weren’t) had been inspired to make at least a few changes in their financial systems since the previous meeting. … Continue reading

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The Rule of 70

The money talks are already working. Today, I got to work and my friend and I immediately started talking about more money stuff. Namely she taught me The Rule of 70, which means, if you make 7% interest, it takes … Continue reading

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Money Talk I

In attendance: six smart women age 39 and up Served: Pesto with chicken, couscous, green salad with homemade dressing, chickpea salad, zucchini casserole, lentils with sausage, and straight-forward potato salad Intended Topics: Personal financial goals Group goals Credit Cards Group … Continue reading

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Money Talks

After months of tossing the idea around with friends, it looks like the Money Talks are finally going to happen. One of my money friends already had one small meeting at her house, which I was unable to attend, but … Continue reading

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AARP Tax Help

I don’t even know what AARP stands for, but I know the AARP Foundation offers an incredible service locally every tax season. They train smart retired folks to help people file taxes for FREE! And not only that, the AARP … Continue reading

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blogging about money

I have been toying with the idea of blogging about my finances ever since I read about Jane Dough in Boston, who literally posts her net worth every month. I’ve also been inspired by my friend and fellow blogger Tiffany … Continue reading

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