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cabbagetown corn bread

This is the recipe I promised a while back. It comes from a xeroxed copy of a cookbook of a cafe in Ithaca, New York like Moosewood, but called Cabbagetown. It’s a strange thing to look at the wrinkled and … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking about time and energy in relation to love. I think time and energy might equal love. The amount of time I am willing to spend with a person or activity should be directly proportionate to the amount … Continue reading

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leo rising

Photo by Corrina Last week Chad’s sister gave me two elementary school pics of Chad and his astrological chart. I had his chart read by my friend last night and I’m going to try and summarize what I remember here. … Continue reading

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the bucking stops here

I’ve decided that I want to wear my ring on my left-hand ring finger like other American women. I am tired of answering questions and defending the uninteresting position of wearing my engagement ring on another finger. Luckily has … Continue reading

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