Daily Archives: December 1, 2006

spy tips

Steam really does open sealed letters, although I think if you want to be really sneaky, you would have to iron the envelope flat again afterwards. I asked Bella to write thank-you cards to to all the kind folks who … Continue reading

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the way we were

Being careful about what Bella watches has its own rewards: I get to go back and watch tear-jerkers from the 70’s that I missed when I was actually in the 70’s. Last night we threw in a videotape of The … Continue reading

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picture-a-day follow-up

Way back when on September 16, 2006 when I was just learning to post youtube videos (my dad asked me about youtube this Thanksgiving – that’s when I know it’s really part of national conversation) I posted a couple of … Continue reading

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he had a speaking role in sea biscuit too

Bella’s English teacher is a movie star! You can see the preview for his movie here. This is no joke – but good for a laugh. He’s the one who raises his head slowly in church – and is passionately … Continue reading

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