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sony cybershot VS Nikon coolpix

Because I was so attached to my previous Sony Cybershot, when it came time to buy a camera for Bella, we decided to go for another Cybershot. Well, maybe it had more to do with the salesguy at Best Buy … Continue reading

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fresh thinking

There is a new way of searching that you may want to try out. It’s called quintura and when you use the search engine a concept web forms around your search terms. I know we all participate in a group … Continue reading

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I got this via Zeke’s blog, linked through to boing boing, and landed at the disneyblog, before going to youtube myself for this gem. So, not an original find by any means, but must be shared. It’s a re-cut trailer … Continue reading

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new bet

Boy, the blog posts just pour out of me when I sit down to work on my thesis (and drink a lot of caffeine). Have I mentioned the bet Chad and I have going? If I get a full draft … Continue reading

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chap 2 – revised 7 pages

Classification of Cardiff and Miller’s work has been elusive. Granted, Cardiff’s art practice has ranged widely from printmaking, performance, multimedia installation, and Internet projects, but the inability to pin a tag on her practice goes beyond the contemporary international art … Continue reading

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