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thesis update

I’ve actually pieced together my introduction and have gone to work on my conclusion! My office is getting so clean it is unrecognizable. I have drunk so much Earl Grey (with lemon like the queen) that it may take weeks … Continue reading

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last weekend of the year to-do list

1. Discuss the wedding guest list. (Apparently the thing to do is to make three lists: must invite, should invite, would be nice to invite…) 2. Put away Christmas decorations. 3. Bring live tree outside. (note: look into buying drip … Continue reading

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well, Christmas does have "Christ" in it

from my dad’s Christmas email this year …”Next year should be exciting. Jeannie is getting married in June to the fine bachelor and finally puts the thesis behind (no pressure intended) and gets published at least in part. Balla turns … Continue reading

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worst movie ever

I should have known better when Chad refused to watch it a second time with us. Nacho Libre was a snore. Looks like other folks felt the same way: imdb 5.8/10.0.

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