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OC to LA by Bike

Something that Chad and I have in common is we both really enjoy a good adventure or challenge. So lately, if I mention that I have to attend a diaper-free playgroup in Huntington Beach, he’s all about planning a bike … Continue reading

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Secret Narratives, group show capsule

Channeling the surreal energy of Magritte and de Chirico, the paintings and drawings in the group show, “Secret Narratives,” offer odd dreamscape images peopled by deadpan dolls riding ostriches and buck-naked ladies on zebras. The work on the walls by … Continue reading

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You Can't Take Me Anywhere

I am so susceptible to advertising and promotions that I should just stop going into stores. A couple days ago I was riveted to the Vita-mix stand at Costco. The guy was making a fruit smoothie, which I like to … Continue reading

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Another Happy Pee Elf

My friend Laura dubbed Christian the Happy Pee Elf after seeing a vid of him sitting on his potty and it’s such an appropriate title that it comes to mind all the time. The elimination communication went surprisingly well over … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Darlene!

One of my dearest friends turns sixty today. When I expressed surprise (I’m forty), she said, Yeah my dad was pretty shocked too – but he’s turning 90!! Darlene, my thoughts are with you today and I’m thinking of all … Continue reading

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A Way to Tell if You're Pregnant

I have the privilege of knowing two couples who are trying to conceive their second child and both women have confided in me that they might be pregnant already. (You don’t know them. I promised I wouldn’t tell.) I swear, … Continue reading

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Holiday Photo Montage

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Green Like Him

**Nathen’s 2009 landfill project has been completed. I’ve moved this post up to the top for the weekend – so you can follow his link, and check out exactly how much trash one really conscientious guy produces in one year.** … Continue reading

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Wait, are you SURE I haven't shown you this already?

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The Outside

Traditionally when my family gets together for the holidays we usually make it at least once to the Potomac River or canal for a nice long walk. Somehow that pleasure got skipped this year, perhaps because my parents’ new condo … Continue reading

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