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This Hurricane That I Call My Life

So, Christian and I are now in Korea. How did that happen you might ask? It was some combination of family reunion and an offer to pay for my travel expenses and suddenly we are here in the heart of … Continue reading

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Holiday Photo Shoot

My efforts to produce a New Year’s card for 2010 have been plagued with the kind of small obstacles that multiply and appear in front of rushed harried persons around the holidays. To wit, I picked up our first set … Continue reading

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Ti-ti and Ganma

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And Jolly Old King was He

My dad turned 69 yesterday, but since he was in Korea he turned 70. (Koreans count you as one year old when you are born; forthwith everybody turns a year older each new year – hence the huge-ness of celebrating … Continue reading

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Holiday Photo Montage

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A Non-traditional Thanksgiving

In an effort to avoid the holiday fiasco of last year (two family members declared last Thanksgiving – the first in my new house – to be the “worst Thanksgiving ever” – one of those two people being my own … Continue reading

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My sister, Sue, and her family are coming in about three weeks and I’m getting excited! The logistics are a bit screwy, as we are officially MOVING to a new place on the 31st as well, but unofficially our new … Continue reading

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Reasons I Love/Hate Mom

She tells me all the things I’m doing wrong with Christian: holding him too much, letting his nails get too long, letting him get too cold… When she holds Christian she leans forward and whispers, “I’m always available for you, … Continue reading

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My Boxing Day

Considering that I generally post daily, that I haven’t posted for a week reveals a lot about the amount of energy it takes to entertain family. But that is far from a complaint, I don’t remember the last time my … Continue reading

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Be Prepared for All Eventualities

This weekend I thought my brother Songbae was coming down for the whole weekend and I excitedly planned a BBQ to welcome him to our new house. He had after all given us the beautiful leather club sofa and chair … Continue reading

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