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Bella's Stocking

When I have the chance moment that I’m feeding myself while the baby is asleep, I indulge in one of my bad habits: reading while eating. I prefer magazines – so I don’t have to focus too hard – specifically … Continue reading

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Sock Love

When I learned to knit as a kid – I think it was as a Pioneer Girl (like Girl Scouts) to earn a badge – my mother passed her knitting equipment to me. I used the heck out of everything … Continue reading

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I went to a lovely baby shower this weekend, and Chad got to spend his first solid two hours alone with the dude walking about old town San Juan Capistrano. The shower was held at a tea house, called The … Continue reading

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I Dub Thee "Finito"

I actually completed a handwork project yesterday. Okay, so it was after the event it was intended for, but still it’s FINISHED! I actually gave the horse to my friend at her baby shower with just a partial mane and … Continue reading

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BKK, Here We Come

After much handwringing and fussing about, I finally booked tickets to Bangkok this weekend. I couldn’t wait to do it at home in peace and quiet – no, I had to call United and be on hold for twenty minutes … Continue reading

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No Plastic, Please

[youtube=] I find that even though we have weeded most of Christian’s plastic toys from our home, he gets plenty of exposure to mainstream toys: there are brightly colored plastic toys and noise-makers where ever we go. Still, my resolve … Continue reading

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Just a Very Small Piece of My Soul

I just put my very first bit of advertising on womantalk. My brother asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told him I could use another nursing tank top, Mark Bittman’s book How To Cook Everything, or … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Darlene!

One of my dearest friends turns sixty today. When I expressed surprise (I’m forty), she said, Yeah my dad was pretty shocked too – but he’s turning 90!! Darlene, my thoughts are with you today and I’m thinking of all … Continue reading

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Fruit Sling Ti-Ti

Chad was just last night speculating how much Noi naa, my niece, was going to enjoy her cousin Christian this Christmas now that he’s grinning and recognizing people so well. She loved him when he couldn’t much more than lean … Continue reading

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DYI: How to Make Embroidered Monogrammed Hankies

Christian just fell asleep. He has just set a record for the most hours he has ever stayed awake consecutively – where has that second morning nap gone? I’ve taken to wearing him in a Moby wrap, which seems to … Continue reading

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