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eat well feel well

This is another one from Songbae. He says the image is from the NYTimes (sorry it’s not more clear – this is the best I can get). The long-term consequences of small (or not so small) daily dietary adjustments is … Continue reading

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happiness research

Another good article from the crazy Lee: excerpted from “The Pursuit of Happiness: Six Experts Tell What They’ve Done to Achieve It” By Jonathan Clements 6 December 2006 The Wall Street Journal D1 English (Copyright (c) 2006, Dow Jones & … Continue reading

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No eating these without me mom

Bella got a small box of See’s chocolates from a friend and in her newfound chocolate ownership, she waved her hand across the box and said, Take a bite of every one Mom. I said, What? Did you say any … Continue reading

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the invention of diamond desire

John posted this link to an article called, “Have you Ever Tried to Sell a Diamond?” in the The Atlantic Monthly back from 1982. It is a comprehensive (long) essay on the brilliant marketing scheme that has equated diamonds with … Continue reading

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NYTimes most popular digital cameras list

1. Canon PowerShot SD600 2. Canon PowerShot SD800 IS 3. Canon PowerShot SD700 IS 4. Canon PowerShot A540 5. Canon PowerShot SD630 6. Canon PowerShot S3 IS

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how-to site for cyber junkies

If you like to find out how to do stuff, you might like this site called about. com. This link takes you to the first lesson of a free online photoshop tutorial. The lessons can be sent to your email … Continue reading

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warm and sunny – lots of presence

I am enjoying being home for Christmas – not the slightest twinge of longing for being elsewhere. The weather is gorgeous; Chad and I just got back from a 45-min run, the front door is open and Bella is dressed … Continue reading

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Betsy's Macaroons (from The Silver Palate)

These might be the perfect little extra treat you’re looking for. I hope everybody is holed up with loved ones, eating, talking, and enjoying themselves. 2 1/2 c shredded coconut 1/8 tsp salt 1/3 c flour Mix all. Then add … Continue reading

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no school for two weeks!

I am up past midnight and I will not be setting my alarm for 5:30 am, thank you very much. I have gotten so bad at waking up this school year that I have reverted to my newsboy tricks. When … Continue reading

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do you know the state capitals?

This youtube video was sent to me by two brothers separately. I bet they don’t even know. Anyway the double hint is a clue to its cuteness. See if you can answer before he does. [youtube=]

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