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More Tips on Reunions

Some people are just plain social and these people like reunions and end up organizing them. Walt Whitman High School alumnus Rick Neuman (class of 1970) has been organizing some very successful reunions and he kindly gave me permission to … Continue reading

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20-Year Reunion

My brother is in the throes of helping to organize his 20-year reunion. Since mine was just last year (and Sue’s will be next year – hey, is this how I got in the habit of sharing information – by … Continue reading

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A New Look

Hmmm. I inadvertently changed my presentation theme to “Freshy” yesterday. I think I might sit with it a bit. I like that the “pages” are showcased along the top and also that I get to make my own image header. … Continue reading

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the Golden compass movie update

I am considering rereading Phillip Pullman’s series, His Dark Materials, in anticipation of the movie of The Golden Compass. Jenny Karakaya, a writer at, visited the set in London this month and wrote all about it here.

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chicken thighs with chard

Another quick interesting recipe video from NYTimes Mark Bittman (a.k.a. the Minimalist). Here he makes chicken thighs stuffed with chard, pine nuts, currants, and garlic. Looks like it’s worth a shot for the next time I have dinner guests. I … Continue reading

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does that look like a face of rejection to you?

(Do you see the big vein running up the middle of Bella’s forehead? That was there when she was born and I really thought it would go away. Don’t ever mention it to her, okay?) and moments later…

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Chad's latest playlist

“Plastic Passion”    Cure    Boys Don’t Cry    1980 “Mannequin”    Wire    Pink Flag    1977 “Sweetheart Contract”    Magazine    The Correct Use Of Soap    1980 “No Dark Things”    Echo & The Bunnymen    Heaven Up Here    1981 “Eye Of The Lens” … Continue reading

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blogging about money

I have been toying with the idea of blogging about my finances ever since I read about Jane Dough in Boston, who literally posts her net worth every month. I’ve also been inspired by my friend and fellow blogger Tiffany … Continue reading

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even cuter…

I took Bella to meet her today. Chad and I decided that the surprise element was too dangerous. Too much risk of rejection. Bella says she is not going to accept the puppy, but has named her Giselle. We are … Continue reading

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you won't believe how cute she is

I met her today! Besides I needed a dose of cuteness to offset the gross foot. (My boob appears large compared to her head, but I swear it’s not that big – the breast I mean.)

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