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with images like this

Who even smokes anymore? Sue sent me this beaut. This image come from a British Marlboro pack and says: SMOKING CAUSES PERIPHERAL VASCULAR DISEASE. In case you can’t tell; it’s picture of a foot with advanced gangrene. gross. Now what … Continue reading

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I think Chad and I are going to get a little baby chocolate chihuahua puppy for Bella – as “wedding” gift. Her nickname is Little Miss Naked because she is short-haired and her mama is long-haired. By my friend’s account, … Continue reading

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Elephant Birth

This video has no bearing on our trip to San Francisco except that Chad showed it to me here. It is the birth of an elephant in the wild – captured by a honeymooning couple. The baby stands minutes after … Continue reading

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San Francisco Day 1

After years of doggedly chasing the cheapest way to LAX (bus shuttles from Joshua Tree and rides with friends) I finally broke down this year and bought a year’s membership to Wally Park, a huge spotted parking structure a mile … Continue reading

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how my 13-year old "dates"

Mom: so he asked you out? Are you going to kiss him? Bella: Eeeeeuuuw. No way. Mom: Hold his hand? Bella: Hug him. Maybe. Later… They “went out” for two days, and then Bella “dumped” him. Ah… I remember those … Continue reading

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TSA regulations for anything liquid-ish

I’m going to San Francisco this weekend. Yippee! I’ve just spent the last hour or so polishing my shoes, packing snacks, and doing the TSA regulation research thing online. I’ll be damned if I let those fellows take my (new) … Continue reading

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wedding progress

Just to balance out last night’s black post I thought I’d list some of the wedding planning that has been accomplished. 1. Chad’s getting a 4 mm platinum wedding band (size eight) from He thought he was a gold … Continue reading

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because Tiff asked

Sue sent me some lovely tea for Christmas this year from a company in Australia called T2 ( The exotic loose leaf teas (buddhas tears, gyokuro, and pai mu tan) came in a stacking white matte tin -  a great … Continue reading

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thesis pain versus wedding planning pain

In my first year of writing my thesis, one of the original members of my thesis committe (Alison Pearlman, who wrote Unpacking the Art of the 1980s) made this casual comment: Maybe you should just forget the old draft and … Continue reading

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nutrition for runners

Chad’s parents are convinced that Chad and I are getting sick more frequently this winter because we lost too much weight at once. Chad’s lost about thirty pounds and I lost about fifteen pounds over a period of three months … Continue reading

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