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Buying Diapers

There is a market on the way to Sue’s work that changes vendors every single day of the month. How delightful is that? It changes every single day! (If you can read the prices, it is about 35 baht to … Continue reading

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This is the Life

really. This is it! I spend 1/3 of the day on me (yoga, massage…), 1/3 hanging around town, and then 1/3 of the time blogging about it. I am living a spa-style blogger life. And eating all the delicious fruit … Continue reading

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Volunteer Opportunities in Asia

Songbae, who was in the Peace Corps, sent me the following information about a volunteer position in Myanmar (Burma). It comes from the VIA site, which is an Asia/US Public Service and Educational Exchange Program. Myanmar (Burma): Service Coordinator at … Continue reading

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The baby is well and active, but is still inside of Sue, with no further indications that s/he is coming soon. We have taken to calling the baby “Leo,” even though none of us really knows if the baby is … Continue reading

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Happy One Year Anniversary

to! Thanks for pointing that out, John. I would have missed it completely. Maybe I’ll have some thoughts to post after a dip in the pool. My brain is sweating…

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House Shopping From Abroad

The house hunting continues from abroad through the miracle of the internet and the combined resources of three adults. In this previous post, I talk about putting a lowball bid (our first bid ever) on a condo in the La … Continue reading

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Well, no wonder my mother kept going on and on about Sue and Joss living in the lap of luxury – because they do! Look at what’s on their front door: It’s true. This is Joss and Sue’s front door. … Continue reading

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The Book I Read From Start to Finish on the Plane

Is called Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker and was recommended to me by my friend Maya (at JT homestead). A few weeks ago, while cooking, Maya had explained just one of Eker’s wealth principles, which intrigued … Continue reading

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Somehow I always forget how much time is actually involved in sitting on an airplane to get to Asia. I know rationally that this leg of the trip, Los Angeles to Taipei, will take fourteen hours, but it seems completely … Continue reading

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A Busy Day

 We’re back in OC and house hunting one last day before I take off to Thailand. We looked at condos (3 bed/3 bath) closer to $500,000. Two neighborhoods seem to keep coming up: one is La Mancha in Mission Viejo, … Continue reading

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