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Happy Birthday to ME

Despite all the clucking that’s gone down on around me about the lack of celebrating my birthday – I really had a good one. Because, you know what? This ENTIRE TRIP is like a birthday present. My brother frequently makes … Continue reading

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2010-5-21, 21-21

If it hadn’t been for the curfew, the baby would have been born in the back seat of a truck cab. We arrived at the hospital at 8:59 pm (one minute to spare) and the sweetest little girl rushed out … Continue reading

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Worse Before Better

[youtube=] While day-to-day life for us continues on rather normally, the situation peaked yesterday with the torching and looting of Central, the second largest mall in Asia. The fire fighters were apparently prevented from entering the area and the entire … Continue reading

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My Niece, Minnie Mouse

Noi naa goes by Minnie. Her best friend TJ is Mickey and his mother is Alice. Sue is “crdible” for “incredible.” Can you tell that Noi naa been to see Disney on Ice? The evenings are nice and we’re trying … Continue reading

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Every other day or so, I hear a strange incantation over a loudspeaker go down the soi. At first I thought it might be some kind of political promo, but it turns out that “myquat” means “broom” and it’s simply … Continue reading

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My First Week in BKK

and two picture vids, made by my bro-in-law: [youtube=] [youtube=] See, we really are mostly staying at home and out of trouble.

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A Typical Sunday Morning

We all went out for a brief tiyao (walk) this morning to replenish our supply of fruits and vegetables. The BTS (sky train, the Bkk version of a subway) has been closed for three days due to protesting by the … Continue reading

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Miles and Miles of Shopping

I made it to Chattachuk market yesterday, a weekend market famous for having over three miles of wall-to-wall vendor stalls – not to mention the overflow stalls along the sidewalk, outside Chattachuk. It’s just two BTS stations down from us, … Continue reading

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Mundane and Routine in Bangkok

The word is that there have been 16 deaths associated with the political upheaval here in Bangkok. I want to assure everybody that Christian and I feel very safe. The protesters are demonstrating in very specific areas, many of which … Continue reading

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When in Rome…

if you eat like a Roman, you’ll spend a lot less money. n.b. ~35 Baht equals 1 US dollar Five meals “out” in three days (all were carry-out or in the case of Italian food, delivered to the door): 30 … Continue reading

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