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A Postable Email from Songbae

My brother is still whooping it up in SE Asia (as his 40th birthday looms near on the 21st of September…) and I got this email from him this morning: “forgot to mention that i bribed a cop today when … Continue reading

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REAL Downsizing…

My brother Songbae got laid off months ago and is now moving to Thailand to live in our younger sister’s guest room indefinitely. He is sorting through his things and, apparently impressed by this guy’s efforts to reduce the number … Continue reading

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BKK, Here We Come

After much handwringing and fussing about, I finally booked tickets to Bangkok this weekend. I couldn’t wait to do it at home in peace and quiet – no, I had to call United and be on hold for twenty minutes … Continue reading

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Giddy with Points

Songbae has just given Sue and I a really fun gift. A really, really fun gift. He said, “Hey you guys, I don’t have time to use my credit card reward points – want ’em?” Heck yeah we do. He … Continue reading

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Songbae Needs Twitter

Songbae’s been in Asia these last ten days for a wedding in Manila and a few side trips to see family and friends. He’s been entertaining us with his brief emails scatter shot to his family and colleagues from his … Continue reading

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Songbae's 100 Things About Me

Songbae is my brother and for those of you who know my family, you know that he is known as the “crazy Lee” (Sue’s the “mean Lee” and I’m the “nice Lee”). Sue doesn’t look so mean, does she? 1. … Continue reading

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Goals – August 2007 to January 2008

A while back, Songbae sent me an email about setting goals. Apparently people who set goal regularly (in this study, four times a year: two personal, two business, and one health) are more likely to get what they want. This … Continue reading

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A question

Songbae wants to know: “Question: if you had to choose an amount you need to raise a family how much would you say combined annual income would need to be?” Well, when Bella was born, her dad and I were … Continue reading

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Songbae's Advice to a College Freshman

My niece-in-law is starting college this week; as she happens to be interested in Songbae’s field (international business), he sent her a few words of advice: 1. she should choose any major she’s interested in. 2. unless she wants to … Continue reading

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A Great Use of Craigslist

My brother recently posted this ad on craigslist: “will trade excel lessons for how to create a web site lessons (north beach / telegraph hill) Reply to: Date: 2007-08-04, 5:54PM PDThi, i’m helping with my high school reunion and … Continue reading

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