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Tea for when you are sick

This tea recipe comes to me from my dear friend Darlene. I would’ve been drinking it this weekend, but I have been too discombulated from my head cold to remember it until now. Plus I haven’t been to the grocery … Continue reading

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want to learn some Korean?

My cousin Charlie just turned me on to this site for some elementary Korean lessons. Although I have to say that I have been very happy with my (expensive) Rosetta Stone CDs. We have them for French, Spanish and Korean: … Continue reading

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Pecan Sweet Potatoes

I love posting my favorite recipes, because now, no matter where I am, I can access them. This one came from another teacher, Carl van Houten, and has since become a Thanksgiving staple. In fact, Chad’s sister Corrina now makes … Continue reading

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Bella's favorite alouette sandwiches

These sandwiches have been a favorite ever since I learned to make them working at The Perfect Cup at White Flint Mall. They are high-calorie, so we reserve them for special occasions, like Bella’s birthday week. You need four croissants, … Continue reading

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sign me up for the pink leather toolbelt

Well, on a thesis day it normally takes me several hours to get my desk cleared off and prepped. Today is a bit worse because I am mired in a massive email clean-up. So, this is the last post until … Continue reading

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Hirshhorn podcasts

Just catching up on a bit of Janet Cardiff research and came upon the Hirshhorn Museum’s free podcast archive. It’s great way to hear artists’ speak about their own work – and most of the lectures are podcasted as well. … Continue reading

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the string thing

Less than a month to Bella’s birthday and I have no ideas for Bella’s string thing gift. See, three years ago (when she was still a little kid), Chad and I waited for Bella and Dawkins to fall asleep and … Continue reading

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my brother sent this to me


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excellent book on installation art

Rarely do I read an art book as thoroughly as I have just read Claire Bishop’s Installation Art: A Critical History. If I ever write a book (and I have been advised to consider what book I might want to … Continue reading

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procrastination a la red dwarf

There is a hilarious episode of Red Dwarf (BBC sitcom – imdb 8.9/10.0) where Arnold Rimmer is trying to prepare for an exam to move up in ranks (in the spaceship hierarchy). He has several months to prepare for the … Continue reading

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